Simple Design

This is our simplest design with just 25 component parts. Simple design with low part count increase reliability and reduces maintenance. We have lowest number of component parts among popular semiautomatic pistols.

SafeSet™ Firing Mechanism

Striker End Rests Below Primer

Striker end of firing pin stays below the primer face in locked position. When trigger is pressed, striker end moves upward and inline with cartridge primer face. It is virtually impossible to strike cartridge without pressing trigger. This safety mechanism is superior compare to other spring loaded safety mechanism because spring loaded mechanism always fail under large inertial forces such as upon dropping and faulty spring.

Firing Pin Locked Position:

Striker end of firing pin rest in locked lowered offset position from primer. It is mechanically locked hence impossible to raise striker end upward without pressing trigger.

Drop Safety

Upper frame ledge restrict trigger bar from disengaging firing pin unless trigger is pressed. When trigger is pressed, trigger bar retracts backwards from this safety position and release firing pin to strike primer.

Trigger Lock

Trigger upper arm restrict movement or trigger mechanism unless trigger is pressed. This mechanism is ergonomically design and doesn’t depend on center blade as in many other pistols, hence provides smother trigger engagement and short overall trigger travel.

Centering Barrel Design

Barrel and slide have curved shape engagement at barrel hood which always lock slide and barrel at concenter position and improve accuracy. Flat engagement can shift sideways which can make considerable difference at long range shooting. More accurate pistol can be used at farther distance from danger zone.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically designed 3 size grip panel: small, medium and large for better hold of pistol grip for various user per individual preference.
These grip straps are designed with inbuild side panels to provide symmetrical smooth size variation of grip at aft end and sides.

Dual texture on both grip and strap provide firm hold of pistol.

Forward end is narrowed and has bull nose shape to easily remove and insert in holster.

Sideways extensions at rear end of slide. Both forward and rear serration for better engagement with slide.

Low profile metallic sights to improve accuracy and ergonomics with night glowing capability.


Ambidextrous slide stop is provided and magazine catch can be rotated for left hand users.

Advance Material and Coating

Trigger components and slide are DLC coated to reduce frictional and for protection against environment. Aerospace grade stainless steel is used for slide.
stainless steel magazine is coated with low friction advance material to protection against environment damage and smother cartridge flow inside magazine.

Additional Important Features

All parts can be interchanged in a model with other pistol. This is one of the foremost requirement for law enforcement agencies and military.

No special tool required to disassemble and field strip without any tool.

Asymmetrical magazine sides for smoother cartridge flow: Symmetrical magazines has sudden narrow path which can jam cartridge flow.
Asymmetrical shape provide smother transition from double stack to single stack as cartridge flows upwards.

Forward full length picatinny rail is provided to mount various accessories up to 5.7 oz. weight.

Short trigger reset for subsequent cartridge.

Loaded chamber indicator.