How many Gill metal frame pistols are available?

We currently planning to offer just few hundred full metal frame pistols.

How can I get low serial number?

Low serial number requests are fulfilled based availability. Contact us at sales@gillarms.com soon to request.

How can I find Gill Arms dealer near me?

Contact sales@gillarms.com for nearest dealer and shipper information.

Where I can find manual?

Pistol manual is inside pistol case. Contact us at info@gillarms.com to receive hardcopy or .pdf version of manual.

What is new in Gill GPR pistol?

Gill GPR pistols have unique trigger mechanism with 4 inbuilt safeties. It is virtually impossible to drop fire pistol. This is because firing pin stays at lower offset position and not behind the primer case as in almost all the firearms. Pistol just contains 25 component parts and it is ambidextrous. Simple design enhances reliability. We have centerline barrel design to enhance accuracy. Many other enhancements for pistols are listed in our Technology page

What kind of material you use for Gill GPR 9M?

We use aircraft grade stainless steel and aluminum for almost all the parts. There are just few polymer parts such as firing pin sleeve, follower and trigger. We offer stainless steel magazine with low friction and high wear resistance coating.

What kind of coating you offer?

Slide and most of the trigger parts are DLC coated (Diamond like carbon). Aluminum parts are Cerakoted or hard anodized.

Will it fit my current holster for handgun?

Gill GPR pistol has narrow forward end, it should fit in most of generic full size pistol holster.

What tool required to disassemble or field strip GPR?

GPR pistols can be field stripped and limited assembly and disassembly can be performed without any tool. Disassembly of internal parts such as firing pin must be done by trained gunsmith.

Can we interchange parts among our pistols?

Yes, parts can be interchanged among various GPR 9M pistols.

What specific maintenance is required?

Pistol must be cleaned and lubricated after each usage. If pistol is carried as conceal carry or service pistol, cleaning lubrication is required every month. If pistol is dropped into mud or hostile environment, pistols needs to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated. Please follow instructions in user manual for lubrication and maintenance details.

Can I use +P or +P+ ammunition?

Although Gill pistols have been tested with proof round, it is not recommended to use +P or +P+ ammunition for longevity of pistol.

Can I use lead bullet or steel case?

No, brass cases with full metal jacket cartridges must be used. Ammunition must be per SAAMI or NATO guidelines. Please refer to http://www.saami.org for more information.

What kind of accessories can be attached to Gill pistols?

Any accessory that is made for picatinny rails (MIL-STD-1913) mounting and is under 5.35 oz weight can be attached on pistol such as laser, light and other visual aids.

What kind of factory sights you offer?

Pistol comes with low profile metal sights with night glow.

Can I dryfire my pistol?

You can dry fire to limited extent. Extensive dryfire reduces lifespan of internal parts of any pistol.

Is there any manual safety in Gill Pistols? What kind of safety system this pistol has?

There is no manual safety in Gill pistols. There are 4 inbuild safeties, refer to technology page(hyperlink) for more information on SafeSet™ firing mechanism.

Do you perform custom work GPR pistols?

We are offering custom services for metal frame limited edition GPR 9M series pistols. We do not offer any custom work for polymer frame pistol.

What kind of warranty Gill offers?

We offer 2 years manufacturing and material defect warranty. Many other pistols just come with 1 year warranty only.

I am left handed, how can I use this pistol?

Slide stop is ambidextrous and can be operated either on left or right hand. You can just flip magazine catch and you will be ready to use pistol. Refer to user manual to rotate magazine catch.

Do you have special discount for law enforcement or military?

We do offer discounted price for law enforcement agencies and military. Contact us at sales@gillarms.com for more information and quote.

Do you sell Gill pistol in USA only or other countries as well?

For international orders contact us at sales@gillarms.com.

Can I buy Gill Pistols in California?

As of now, we are working on CA compliance guidelines. Please contact us for more information.